Sailing excursions

  • Gastronomy tours

    If your idea of the perfect sailing trip involves enjoying delicious meals and fine wines, what could be better than crossing the Balaton by yacht and discovering the lake’s gastronomic treasures. If you’re in the mood for food, we can recommend some selected spots where you can dine well and sample the best of Balaton wines.

    » Seven-day sailing tour for gourmets
    » Long weekend wine and gastronomy sailing tour
  • Family sailing trips – active recreation for a healthy family

    Sailing can be an amazing summer experience for the whole family, and exploring Lake Balaton by yacht guarantees non-stop sights and excellent entertainment. The water fun continues on the lake shore, where there is a vast range of programmes designed especially for children. We have put together a few ideas that we know will ensure fun for the whole family.

    » Seven-day family sailing tour
    » Long weekend family sailing tour
  • Group sailing excursions

    What could be better than mooring each evening in a different marina and, after a day spent sailing and swimming, savouring a few bottles of well-deserved wine. Sailing with friends or colleagues is an unbeatable experience. Just picture yourself in the sparkling sunshine under a blue sky, on the cool water in the middle of the lake, with nothing around but friends and good company. Browse through our sailing tour offers and enjoy the most wonderful holiday ever with your friends.

    » Seven-day group yacht tour
    » Long weekend group sailing tour
  • Romantic tours

    One or two weeks on a yacht, cut off from the world, can provide a couple with the perfect opportunity for relaxation. Get the most from your vacation, sail as slowly as you like, and stop when you want for lunch or a swim without having to join the crowds on the beach. Look through our offers and treat your partner to an unforgettable sailing trip on the Balaton!

    » Seven-day romantic sailing tour
    » Long weekend romantic sailing tour